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Busan Economy leads the future
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Busan Economy leads the future

"Localization of Railroad Veh ... Creating more jobs in manufacturing "


- Expansion of personnel every year for R & D

- Selected as an Excellent Employment Company in Busan this year

- Obtain product certificate from global company


- Broadcast indicator, supply to USA, Hong Kong etc.

- Design, development, production of finished products 'Competitiveness'

- Plan to open the agency as the first partner



There are companies in Busan that localize parts for overseas railway cars. Ants Co., Ltd., a company specializing in the development of railway vehicle electrical equipment in Haeundae-gu, Busan, Founded in 2006, Ants starts with four people at the start of the company, employing 21 people in 2014 and 37 people this year. On the 14th, Ants was recognized as an excellent employer this year by the city of Busan. Since 2010, the city has been hiring excellent companies to encourage private companies to expand employment and to spread the social atmosphere about the importance of job creation. This year, 15 companies, including Ants, were named as excellent companies for employment. The city will select companies with good employment growth and good working conditions for companies that have been operating for more than three years. "Our company does not stop once a year and is increasing the size of its employment. "We have been focusing on research and development until last year, and will expand employment from this year to the manufacturing industry, and we will create more jobs." 



■ 60% of employees are R & D personnel


Research and development (R & D) is the backdrop for Ant's constant job creation. About 60% of the 37 employees are research and development personnel. On the 17th, Ants head office in Haeundae-gu, Busan. The hand of the director of the Institute of Ants, Keehwan Son, moved without a break. As An's interview was proceeding, there was a somewhat cluttered atmosphere in the headquarters office. But he did not care about the surroundings and continued his R & D work.  


An said, "Companies that can manufacture railway vehicles are limited in Korea and not many in the world. In the meantime, there are many products that use local products for railway vehicles. "In the meantime, we are working on national research projects with the Ministry of Land Transport and Transport, the Korea Railroad Research Institute, etc., rather than manufacturing products to introduce new technologies to railways. I focused on it. " Ants has developed a navigation system called 'Man and Machine Interface (MMI) solution', 'Train Communication Network (TCN) solution' for standard railway vehicles, 'Broadcast Indicator 'Tester solution' which can test broadcasting indicators, and 'heating and cooling controller' which controls heating and cooling of railway vehicles.


The competitiveness of Ants, which manufactures a number of products for railway cars, is that it carries out all the processes from product design through development and manufacturing to production of finished products. The most representative product line is TCN solution, which is the standard communication card of railway vehicles. No matter how good a product enters a railway car, it becomes useless if it can not communicate with each other. Antz is recognized as a TCN product that is certified by the global railway company Bombardier. An said, "Since the railway car market is special, global companies issue certificates. It is rare for domestic companies to obtain such certificates as we do. "



■ Ants stretching to the world


An, who was born in Jinju, Gyeongnam, grew up in Busan. He started his career as a professional soldier, but after graduating, he majored in electronic information and communications. Mr. An, who graduated from university, joined the company in 1999 as a researcher who manufactures CMK, a railroad vehicle indicator for Busan. The company CMK has not disappeared, but CMK installed a broadcast indicator on Busan Urban Railway Line 1 trains. Mr. Ahn, who has made such a career as a stepping stone, started to establish in 2006 as a partner of CMK. When CMK was in danger of disappearing due to management difficulties, An absorbed CMK laboratories. Since then, Ants has been supplying railway vehicle broadcasting indicators to Korail, Incheon Airport Railway, Kimpo Urban Railway, Busan Urban Railway, US DENVER, Indonesia DEMU and Hong Kong MTR SCL. From 2015, we are continuing to supply localized electrical products. It is currently registered as the first partner company in Hyundai Rotem.


To ensure stable growth, Antes plans to open up more markets as an implementation agency that operates railway vehicles such as Busan Transportation Corporation. "We can not see much of our company logo on the subway or train. This is because it was a secondary supplier. In the future, we will make our company so that we can see our products more frequently in railway cars. " 


Kim Jong Ryong reporter


ANTS selected '2018 Busan Employment Excellent Company'

2019. 07. 10