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Selected as 'Leading Company of Strategic Industry in Busan City 2017'
Date 2019.07.10 Attachment

Selected as 'Leading Company of Strategic Industry in Busan City 2017'

Busan "Prepare for the forth industrial revolution, centered on leading companies"


Busan Metropolitan City announced on the 23rd that it will finalize the certificate of the 76 companies as 'Leading Enterprise of Busan Metropolitan City in 2017' at Grand Hotel Sky Hall on the 24th. 

The newly selected company is JiStei, which is recognized as a technology company of KOMERON, YUYOUNG INDUSTRIES and SMART FACTORY, which is representative of Busan's Jiangsu enterprises, as well as Ants, Dongsung Copper Ray, Sebo Unitech, Korea Information Communication and Aion. Busan city will also gather opinions on the support measures.

Busan 's leading company policy was set up in 2006 to foster competitive small and medium - sized enterprises that will lead the economic growth of Busan in the future as a global specialist company. We have implemented a one-year certification system Since 2010, we have introduced a three-year certification system. This year, the company was selected as an honorary leader in the World Class 300 project, which is a government certification project. At present, Busan City is a total of 298 leading companies including 76 companies and 23 honorary leading companies.
This year's leading companies are divided into three categories: △ the number of employees of leading companies, size of company such as sales, △ growth rate of sales and employment growth rate, proportion of operating profit, ratio of research and development expenses and exports △ growth strategy of companies, Considered. An official of Busan Metropolitan City said, "We will focus on leading companies to prepare for the forth industrial revolution and focus on developing next-generation technology and strengthening R & D capacity to discover future food." "Leading- Leading-Busan Loan "business and customized knowledge service support project.

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