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2018 SW Company Excellence Award (NIPA Director Award)
Date 2020.07.02 Attachment


2018 SW Company Excellence Award 

(NIPA Director Award)


Significant contribution to the software industry through software quality improvement


ANTS (CEO : An Tae-sung), a manufacturer of electronic components for railroad vehicles, announced that it has won the SW Enterprise Excellence Award (NIPA Director Award) at the “25th SW Quality Insight” held at the Grand Ballroom. The SW Enterprise Quality Grand Prize is awarded to companies that have contributed to the development of the software industry by applying SW engineering technology. ANTS was selected and cited as a best-practice company for SW engineering technology that has greatly contributed to the development of the domestic software industry, and was encouraged by the efforts.​ 


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2020. 07. 02

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2020. 07. 02